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At North Shore Optical, helping you see is not good enough, we want to make sure your vision is sharp, concise and precise. We use the most modern 

computerized based measuring systems to make sure you get the perfect fit and the perfect lenses.

We all spend a lot of time picking out the perfect frame to express our personalities. Yet sometimes, many of us ignore the most important part of the package: lenses. Your frames from North Shore Optical may draw you compliments and turn some heads, but it’s your lenses that do the important work of helping you see. Making the wrong choice or being improperly fit can lead to disappointment and poor vision.

What is the perfect lens?

It all starts with you!  We customize your lens needs based on several factors...


1) What you use your glasses for  

2) Where you use your glasses

3) How your glasses fit  

4) What challenges you might have with your glasses

5) What type of glasses you choose

6) What your prescription is

With all this in mind, we are able to choose the right material, the right strength and the right add-ons to make sure you get the perfect lens for your life and lifestyle.  


Day or night, work or weekend, beach to the gym!  We have the right lenses for you.

North Shore Optical Studio also works with one of the worlds largest lens manufacturers and offer the TD and CN Lens Series.  From Traditional Lenses to Digitally measured and custom made free-form at the fraction of the cost of the BIG brands.  The difference is clear


At North Shore Optical, Lens material is just as important as choosing the right type or brand of lens.  Listed below are a few types of lens materials we use.  Our two favourite Materials are CR39 and Trivex.  What are these?



CR39 (Columbia Resin) is a type of plastic material that is extremely common when choosing single vision and full rimmed frames.  It's clarity is second only to glass itself, but much safer!  If your prescription is light, you choose a full rimmed frame and you are looking for something cost effective...  this is the lens material for you.  At North Shore Optical, we stock a large supply of our own single vision CR39 lenses and fill your prescription in our on-site lab!



Trivex/Trilogy lense are a beautiful and extremely strong material, its properties also allow it to be the lightest lens on the market and by far the strongest.  The Visual Clarity in Trivex is better than its closest competitor, polycarbonate, which is also used in safety glasses. However, Trivex is stronger than polycarbonate and not affected by certain chemicals such as acetone.  Trivex is best suited for rimless and semi-rimless frames and those looking for something that can withstand some serious impact in day to day life, sport or random flying objects that kids might throw!



Polycarbonate is a strong material used in many sunglasses, safety glasses and goggles.  Although it is strong, visual clarity is not as good as other materials, however, it is relatively inexpensive.



If you are looking for something extra thin or have a prescription that causes that thick 'coke bottle effect'  these lense are for you.  Light and thin, perfect for those with a high prescription.


Lenses are just like tools. Some are best suited for one job while others work better elsewhere. Like multi-tools, lenses that perform many functions may do what you need, but might compromise on performance.



These lenses are set for one viewing distance only, which may be near, intermediate or distance. Their uses could include driving glasses (for distance) computer glasses (for intermediate tasks) or reading glasses (for close-up vision). Like many lenses, single vision lenses can correct a condition called astigmatism. This is an imperfection in the eye which may cause your focus to be blurry at all distances.



Bifocals are sectioned into two distinct parts, which give the user clear distance and near (generally) vision, with no transition or correction in between. Like single vision lenses, bi-focals can also correct astigmatism (usually the distance part).



These lenses have three main zones including distance, intermediate and reading. This allows users with many needs to enjoy the convenience of not having to take their glasses on and off while seeing at all distances with one lens. Progressive lenses can also accommodate astigmatism. Choosing this lens type may affect your frame selection. These lenses tend to be bigger to  account for the multiple regions of focusing power.



Conventional lenses have a front surface that is spherical, meaning it has the same curve across its entire surface. Aspheric lenses have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out to the edge. This allows the lenses to be slimmer, lighter and may provide clearer vision.


North Shore Offers a wide range of lens add-ons including but not limited to:




Lenses that are clear indoors and automatically darken while exposed to direct sunlight. These lenses automatically turn your glasses into sunglasses while outdoors.



Coatings that block pesky reflections on the lens and give you HD-like vision.  A/R coated lenses can come with an aquaphobic layer (repels water) and oliophobic layer (repels oils and fingerprints) an anti-static layer (keeps dust from sticking to the lens) and a hard coat or anti-scratch coating (minimizes scrapes and scratches on the lenses)



Do you want to hide the thickness of your lens? North Shore Optical offers a service that matches the interior colour of the frame with the edge of your lens and allows us to make the lens appear paper thin... no more coke bottle effect!  Works even better with a premium A/R treatment!


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