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Why Spending Over $5000 on Glasses is Worth It!

Yes, I am talking about one pair, and it isn't crazy or even unusual for people who understand quality eyewear to spend that much and more. How could any pair of glasses be worth that kind of money? Why should you spend good money on a pair of glasses?

First, you wear them on your face! If you think that people can't tell that you're wearing cheap glasses, you're wrong. I notice when someone posts an article, and on their profile picture they are wearing glasses that do not fit well, are crooked on their face, or look like a mass produced, cheap product.

Why would I trust my money, my marketing needs, or my business planning to someone who is wearing cheap frames without a quality anti-reflective coating. If you are trying to put your best face forward wearing bargain glasses, then I can't buy into whatever you're selling. Why would you buy the expensive shoes for your feet, but put cheap glasses on your face?

Second, you use glasses to see with. In Trinidad & Tobago, they are considered medical devices. You need a valid prescription written by a registered Optometrist. At North SHore Optical, we check and recheck prescriptions using different techniques to give you the best vision that you possibly get.

When you use cheap lens materials and poor quality coatings, you are cheating yourself out of your best clarity. Why spend extra to buy a 4K (which is 4x the resolution of 1080p) LED TV if you are looking at it through traditional lenses made with old technology (rather than the digital technology that is currently available at North Shore Optical Studio)?

Third is craftsmanship. We sell a line that is designed in the United States and handcrafted in Japan. Each pair takes eight months to produce. The creators are proud that their glasses are beautiful and durable. You can keep them as part of your eyewear wardrobe literally for a lifetime!

Here is a question for the guys... Would you rather buy your fiancée a cubic zirconia? It's cheap and doesn't take long to make. Or would you purchase a diamond that has been well cut with good color and clarity? Ladies... How much would you spend on a tennis bracelet at the jewelry store? (or get your significant other to buy you one) You wear it around your wrist. Would you rather drive a Nissan Tiida or a Porsche Panamera? Both do basically the same thing... right?

Why would you hesitate to spend $5000 on a piece of jewelry worn smack dab in the middle of your face? And BTW, luxury eyewear does not scream its brand on the temple, lens, or on the frame front. It speaks for itself!

Leave the blatant brand promotion to your teenage son or daughter.

I know there is an abundance of cheap glasses online and in discount stores, but if you want me to take you seriously about investing in your quality product, you're going to have to invest in yourself. Just saying!

Oh, just as a reminder, some optical stores/chains in Trinidad overprice their goods... Luxury Eyewear is in a class on its own, do your research first before shelling out $5000 for $1000 product!

Original Article by: Dr. Cathy Wittman / Edits by North Shore Optical Studio

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