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March is National Save Your Vision Month: What Are Your Plans?

One of the most important awareness campaigns in the eyecare profession happens in March with the onset of “Save Your Vision Month.” If ever there was a reason to share with you all how valuable comprehensive eye health exams are, this is it!


What does this mean?

By and large the average person thinks an eye exam consists of the doctor/optometrist saying “which is better, one or two,” and flipping or changing lenses in front of your eyes. This awareness campaign creates a reminder for us, as eye care professionals to educate you, our patients, about what a smart decision you have made to come and see us, it's also a reminder to do so regularly.

Many of us forget that the “comprehensive eye health exam” looks at so much more than just the refractive portion (vision test) of the exam. A comprehensive eye health exam can detect physical ailments that impact the whole body such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

We are no superheroes, however, if coming to see us can save your vision or even slow down the progression of vision loss by catching ailments early, we have done our job.

Make sure you call us today and come in to get your full, comprehensive FREE eye exam today! Don't just check your vision, come in and check your health!


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